Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions year 2012 Cut-off Marks

Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions year 2012 Cut-off Marks for admission to various Engineering Colleges released by Anna University

Anna University has released the minimum cut off marks based on which students were admitted in last year (2012) in all Anna university affiliated engineering colleges. This list also provides college wise and community reservation wise minimum cut-off marks based on students were admitted to Tamilnadu Engineering Colleges last year.

Click here to find Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2012 Cut-off marks

How to calculate Cut-off Marks for Engineering Admission?

Prescribed Subjects for calculating cut-off marks of TNEA 2013 admission are Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.

Step 1: The marks scored in Mathematics (the subject for which maximum mark is 200) should be divided by 2. For example if a candidate scores 195 marks in Maths then his / her cut-off mark of this subject will be 97.5 (ie. 195/2)

Step 2: The marks scored in Chemistry and Physics are to be divided by 4. For example if a candidate scores 190 and 195 marks in Physics and Chemistry respectively then his / her cut-off marks in these subjects will be 47.5 and 48.75 respectively (ie. 190/4 and 195/4)

Step 3: Now add the above calculated cut-off marks in Mathematics, Physics and chemistry. This would give a final cut-off mark for a student which is also called as Marks scored in prescribed subjects reduced to 200. For example the final cut-off mark from subject wise cut-off marks calculated in step 1 and 2 will be 193.75 (97.5+47.5+48.75)

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